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Flowers for Mama

Posted on: October 11, 2011

Niko picked his first ever bouquet of wildflowers for me while out on a walk with Frasier and Daddy. What a little sweetheart! He came home beaming and confidently held the flowers out for me to see. Naturally I walked over and after abundantly thanking him for the bouquet, tried to take it from him to put in some water. That is where my mistake was made. Seems Niko appreciated me looking at the flowers, but didn’t actually want to give me the flowers.

My attempts were greeted with his resistance: a dramatic pout and a tiny fist progressively clenching tighter around the stems, making it impossible to retrieve them. That was unless I wanted a case of crying on my hands, which of course I didn’t. So while he seems to get the idea of picking flowers for Mama, he doesn’t quite grasp the concept of giving flowers to Mama.

This sort of reminded me of that Seinfeld episode when Jerry was disappointed in his attempt to rent a car: “So you’re good at taking the reservation, just not good at holding the reservation?”

Seems little Niko has a few things to learn about doing random acts of kindness. Ah well, put a smile on my face nonetheless.

4 Responses to "Flowers for Mama"

Alli.. Niko has brought himself, together with flowers You received two in one ! For me is this clear..:))

You are right!
A package deal that proved difficult to separate 🙂

That will be the first of many bouquets !! It may be a buttercup next time…butter would melt in your mouth!

you always did like the buttercups ………

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