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Apple Picking (Off the Ground)

Posted on: October 3, 2011

A beautiful Fall day. A plan for apple picking at a local farm. A recipe for a great afternoon of free fun with the kiddies.

The only glitch? We tried it on a Friday and apple picking wasn’t open to the public until Saturday. I guess that explains why no one was to be seen by the trees. Why we had to help ourselves to the bags that we scrounged up from the barn. And why the farmer had to drive up in his pick-up to inform us of the apple picking rules. Who knew? Not us, obviously.

The good thing about toddlers, is that they are just as happy to pick apples from a tree as they are to find the plentiful remains of the ones the worms are getting, on the ground. I had been pumping up the whole experience to Niko that morning. “Guess where we’re going? Apple Picking!” He’d seen apple picking on a much loved episode of Caillou, so once he wrapped his head around where we were heading, he could even answer the questions correctly and with a smile of anticipation to boot.

Me: Guess where we’re going Niko?

N: Farm! A-pull-pick-kinG!

But like I said, these little toddlers are quite adaptable, and it seems I was more disappointed in the loss of the planned activity than they were.

Note: Niko’s cousin Ramona (visiting from Asia), came along with us. It was so great to have finally met her!

Five things to do at an apple orchard, besides picking your own apples…

Take time for family photos

Walk along the apple tree path…

Play on the slide…

Pose by the Pick Your Own Apples sign…

Enjoy the flowers. And each others’ company…

9 Responses to "Apple Picking (Off the Ground)"

Nice bloggin sis !! I enjoy catching up with you thru this 🙂


Thanks for taking a look bro! Maybe one day we’ll see some Greg-made cuzzies making their debut here too 😛

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I like how you write alli — ramona seemed to find the wormy, fermented apples quite appealing that day. I seem to recall snatching a few out of her hands … perhaps a few seconds too late???

This looks like total success!! And a great lesson from the kiddos! Sometimes the best, most fun plans are the ones wone “wrong”. Love that you made the best of it. xxxo

Too true. We can learn much from these little guys. 🙂

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