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Anniversary Turbo Sushi

Posted on: September 26, 2011

Each year our anniversary falls on the same weekend as the annual regatta at my parents’ cottage. The regatta not only brings together all the cottagers on the lake, but also turns into a family reunion of sorts – beckoning to my entire family. Basically, if you’re in the country, you go to the regatta. So while, it is nice to see the fam together on such a festive occasion, it doesn’t leave much room for a private session of wining and dining to celebrate another year of wedded harmony.

Truth be told, we always get around to celebrating, but this year for whatever reason our celebration of love did not get around to being formally recognized until this past weekend: almost two months after the fact. And I’m not sure that you can call our attempt at celebrating too formal.

Why wouldn’t a celebration with our son, be a good idea? We figured the three of us could celebrate together and we would go to an all you can eat sushi restaurant. We knew sushi wouldn’t really be the little guy’s favourite dinner-du-jour, so we even brought back up mac’n’cheese and a few other delicacies for his royal palette. This is how it went…

After about 5 minutes of anniversary bliss, Niko confidently announced “Done! Done!” and started pushing his high chair away from the table. He was “Done!” before our drinks even arrived at the table. So, Borys and I scarfed down as much sushi as possible – me sticking to the cooked stuff, seeing as I’m cooking my own little bun right now, and Borys trying to be more adventuresome with some raw selections. But really, we didn’t have time to enjoy any particular flavour, as they all melded together in a frenzy of wasabi, soy sauce, sushi rolls and tempura. Niko did a little dabbling himself: teryaki chicken, calamari, scallops, etc. But each time after about one bite, came the imminent and self-assured “Done! Done!”.

Borys and I were determined to get our money’s worth, so we ordered two rounds of tantalizing items, but all we really remember was shoving it all down as fast as possible, while trying to convince our little guest to hang on a little longer. Yes, we had cars for him to play with, but he can only drive them around and pile them on top of each other so many times before he’s “Done! Done!” with that too.

In the end it was an anniversary celebration to remember. One where we hardly had a chance to look at each other, much less converse. One where we ended up with stomach aches due to our feeding frenzy. And one where we decided that next year, we’d probably celebrate with the just the two of us!

Happy Anniversary Borys! Eight years and counting and I love you so much!

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Done! Done!

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