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Toddler Speak: Dirty Onions

Posted on: September 23, 2011

I’ve been experimenting with cooking. This week on the menu? Chicken Club Salad, courtesy of my culinary guide extraordinaire, Betty Crocker. And when it comes to supper, Niko usually eats a version of what we’re eating with slight (or major) modifications. For example, this salad was on a bed of baby spinach, so Niko’s version was hold the spinach (he’s had some gagging-on-spinach-issues in the recent past, hence the spinach hiatus). Anyway, the dressing for this salad was loaded with cooked red onions – another ingredient from which he is shielded. However, when I looked over at his plate I noticed that some renegades had made their way into his dinner. As I picked them off his plate, I wondered aloud: “How did these little guys sneak there way onto your plate?” The rest of the dinner conversation went something like this:

Borys: I put them there.

Me: Oh. I don’t think he really likes onions.

Niko all the while is watching and listening, as I put the spare onions on the edge of my plate.

Niko: Mine. Mine onions. Mine onions.

To which I responded by slipping a mock look of mild exasperation at my lovely hubby, and begrudgingly passed the onions back over to his royal highness – aka Niko-man.

At this point, even though the onions had remained untouched when they were originally on his plate, Niko’s interest is now spiked and he pops them in his mouth.

And his response? Chew. Slowly chew. Then he spat them out into his tiny toddler hand, looked over at me, and reached out with his half-chewed and slobbery handful and said: “Dirt. Dirt.”

Personally, I liked the onions better when they sat on the edge of my plate, sans slobber and sans bite marks. Ah well…


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