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Cake Face #2

Posted on: September 22, 2011

Round two of the cupcakes was a great success!

Moist Cake? Check!

Homemade Icing? Check!

A Happy Birthday-Toddler? Check! (Except for that part where he reached out to touch the candle wax after blowing them out. “Ouch Mama”!)

These pics tell the story…

And voila! Niko’s Birthday Cake is ready: complete with homemade Cars decor!

Happy Birthday to Niko, Happy Birthday to you…

Time to blow out the candles. Only one to go. He’d been practicing all week!

“Ouch Mama! HOT!”, he exclaimed after reaching out to touch the wick.

Mmm…Cake! Or should I say… Mmm… Icing (because that’s what he enjoyed the most out of his two cupcakes!) Guess the homemade icing recipe was all worth it!


3 Responses to "Cake Face #2"

Alli !….Your cookies look really great !! I drool over while looking at them with appetite…:))

[…] glitch? Once he saw the candle he couldn’t resist blowing it out – as he’d done at his birthday party. So we re-lit it, turned out the lights and let the magic […]

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