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It’s My Party and I Want Pre-Party Snacks

Posted on: September 20, 2011

Preparing for a toddler party takes a little brain power: things like, food, entertainment and loot bags are probably at the top of the list (at least they were at the top of mine.) And when party day comes around there are even more last minute preparations. For Niko’s party we wanted to keep it pretty simple. We planned on ordering pizza and pretty much just letting the kids have a free-for-all when they got here. Seeing as each of the little darlings would be chaperoned by his/her parents free play seemed like the easiest plan for us. Plus really, how long can a two year old focus on organized games? (That is, if there were to be any, which there weren’t.)

So all was in place. Party day had arrived and I set out the snacks (veggies and dip, a fruit tray and a bowl of BBQ chips) on the table. Once they were in place I continued to do other little last minute preparations, not really paying too much attention to the birthday boy, but still aware that he was lurking on the premises. When I finally did get a clear shot of his activities, I found him on his tippy-toes reaching for the chips, and having had some success at it. Chips and chip crumbs littered the table and had left tell-tale signs on his cheeks and hands.

Ah well, it’s was his party, and I might as well let him enjoy it in his own way. Did it really matter that the snacks had been snacked on before the guests arrived? No. So what did I do? I helped him up into an adult size chair, got him a plate and let him dig in. In the words of Marie Antoinette: Let them eat cake! Or chips. Whatever the case may be, I guess.

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[…] Nikobomb It’s My Party and I Want Pre-Party Snacks […]

[…] Nikobomb It’s My Party and I Want Pre-Party Snacks […]

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