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2 Years Old: Crib vs. Bed

Posted on: September 15, 2011

Today is Niko’s second birthday. And of course, Borys and I couldn’t help but reminisce about the day he was born and the weeks that followed. He was born around 8am, weighing in at 5lb 15oz. I had full labour that was followed up by a c-section, and once the epidural was in place it was a very painless birth. Borys watched over the surgical sheet as they pulled Niko out and placed him into my arms. What a precious moment! I’ll never forget that one, that’s for sure.

So today, the morning went like this. Niko woke us up with what has become his usual morning bellow: “Mama! Daddy!” After some time passes and he realizes his demands are not being met instantly. “Daaaadeeee! Maaaaaamaaaa! Open door!” And this can go on for about five minutes or so, sometimes resulting in tears of frustration and sometimes with just a continuation of the aforementioned requests, until Borys and I can get our sleepy heads down the hall.

Seeing as he’s still in his crib, he’s pretty well confined until we rescue him and begin the day. Not that he has to be in his crib, we tried out his bed a couple of weekends ago, but we took the tears of worry that followed (from Niko, not me) as clear indications he wasn’t quite ready. So now his room is adorned with both a bed and a crib: we read stories on the bed and he sleeps in the crib. Even though each night before we make the transfer he happily feigns napping in the bed: head on pillow, eyes closed and the word “Nap” softly repeating from his sleepy mouth. I think we’ll try out the bed again this weekend. Ultimately, we’d like to make the transition before the arrival of his baby sister this winter.  Afterall, they say it’s easier to make transitions before any major life changes, such as the birth of a sibling.

Anyway, tonight we will celebrate his second birthday. Cupcakes, presents and candles are on the menu, followed by his birthday party this weekend. Happy birthday big guy! We love you with all our hearts!


5 Responses to "2 Years Old: Crib vs. Bed"

Happy Birthdey…Niko !!!..:)))…and on this occasion I wish you every success, health and happiness to your parents…:)))

Hi Malgorzata…thanks for your comment and wishes! Looks like I am officially back to the blog… 🙂

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