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Trikin’ at Two

Posted on: September 13, 2011

Niko’s almost two. And thanks to an amazing gift from Gramma and Grandad we now hear the daily requests for “Bike.” or “Bike!” or “Biiike, biiike. biiike.” (with that accentuation on the “i”s in a certain whiny tone which has been mastered by our little guy).  Or simply, politely and matter of factly he just looks up at you or stands at the front door and says “Bike pees.”  (Translated: Bike please.)

At first it took a little while for Niko to get used to the self-propelling wheels – you know the ones that automatically move as soon as the bike goes forward. His feet just couldn’t find the rhythm. But now he happily puts his feet in place or drags them along the sidewalk as he is pushed from behind on his new trike. And luckily for us, he willingly wears his helmet too! Watch out Lance Armstrong.

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