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Mood “NO”

Posted on: September 11, 2011

The other day when Dziadzio and I* picked up Niko from daycare the little guy was in one those moods where his favourite response was “No”. Now, when he’s in a playful Mood No you can’t help but test him. Perhaps by asking such questions as: Did you have fun today?, Do you love Frasier? Do you like pizza? etc. All the while knowing that the only thing to come out of his mouth will be “No”.

While at times these moods are playful, at other times Mood No can be downright, what’s the word: Cynical? Scornful? Haughty? And at times like these the “No” comes out accompanied by a pout and perhaps a glaring from and/or narrowing of the eyes. Whereas in a playful Mood No the “No” comes out with a smirk and a sparkle in the eye. Anyway, on this particular day, the day when Dziadzio and I picked him up, the no-tone was negative, and that’s when Dziadzio stated very matter of factly, while emphasizing each syllable,  that “He is in Mood No.” And hence the term was born. Mood No. Brilliant.

So today, once again little Niko was in Mood No, but a playful one, and this is how the conversation went.

Daddy: Can you say monster?

N: No.

Daddy: Can you say Frasier?

N: No.

Daddy: Can you say ball? (Aferall, how could he resist saying “ball”, one of his very first words and one of his most beloved things to say and play with?)

N: No.

Daddy: Niko, say ball.

N: No.

Daddy: Can you say no?

N: Silence

Daddy: Niko, can you say no?

N: Silence, wheels turning…

Daddy: Say no.

N: Ball! Hahahahahaha

I love seeing Niko’s sense of humour developing!

* Dziadzio has been a wonderful help over the past few weeks. Seeing as I am pregnant and under doctor’s orders not to lift my little tyke, Dziadzio shows up every day to help me pick up Niko from daycare (by literally, picking him up and strapping him into his carseat, etc.!) Thank goodness for helping hands.

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7 Responses to "Mood “NO”"

I love this story!

hahahaha. me too!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your lovely message!! I love when Bresho makes me laugh too. The best part is that it is totally unexpected. Like, he will actually THINK of something funny and then BAM! throw it out there. That to me, is just amazing and totally precious. It has to be one of my favourite parts of being a parent. I also really love this stage (minus the tantrums 😉 ) because I can actually interact with him in a way that is funny for both of us at the same time. Thanks for leading me to this post! It made me smile 🙂 Hugs!!

I know what you mean…it`s like you can actually see them thinking. Too Cute!

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