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Don’t Kiss the Cow!

Posted on: September 8, 2011

Niko is becoming evermore affectionate by the day. He freely kisses and hugs us, and while at times it takes a little coaxing, more and more he is loving us out of his own volition. And doesn’t it feel so great to have those tiny little arms wrapped tightly around your neck, back, leg, or whatever the chosen “love spot” of the moment may be. So yes, we welcome his affections.

However, this does not mean we want him to extend this love to all living creatures. After a visit to the Experimental Farm the other day, we realized how quickly his affections can be outletted, and perhaps that we need to monitor him a bit more closely. While at home, he may be the victim of our lovable poodle’s wet tongued smooches, we don’t necessarily want him to be the bovine delight of the day. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer (turned face and lip sanitizer when the time calls).

How does that mantra go? He’s building his immunities. He’s building his immunities…

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