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Onward to the Baptism

Posted on: September 2, 2011

Niko’s baptism had been a long time coming: one of those things we’d planned to do since birth, but just didn’t get around to… Anyway, part of the issue was coordinating with Niko’s godparents – my sister and brother-in-law – and to arrange for them to come to Ottawa. But with four kids and busy work schedules, it was just not coming to fruition. Not that I blame them, because I don’t. If I had been a little more forthcoming we definitely could have coordinated earlier, but one day fell into another, and those days soon became weeks, then months and so on. Yes, so on! Niko was two years less a month when he finally got baptized this past August.

In the end we arranged the ceremony at a church near our cottage which made it more convenient for all involved: my parents were able to attend, as was Borys’ dad. As well my sister got her son baptized on the same day. Lots of emails were exchanged and a date was eventually settled on. Little did we know there were a whole slew of baptisms scheduled for one day: I think there were eight in total.

The day finally arrived, and we all lined up with our babes (or toddler, whatever the case may be) and awaited the blessed anointment. You’ll notice “babes” is plural and toddler is singular, because while we let time tic on before we finalized our baptismal plans, all others had been busy organizing earlier on. And yes, our little guy was the only one to receive the blessing that day who actually walked into the church on his own (looking pretty stylin’ in his high-tops I might add). And he was the only one of all the kids that squirmed almost uncontrollably in the overheated church, with one broken fan, while awaiting his big moment. And at 30+ pounds he’s not the easiest of “babes” to control…

Alas the time came, and as Borys wiped the sweat from his brow (It was that hot! Sweat drips adorning all the fathers who were dressed in shirts, ties, jackets), we made our way to the baptismal font, only to see the two-foot angel statue that stood at the base of the font come tumbling down on our way up – breaking it’s staff and all. A fallen angel? Hardly a good omen, but we were the only ones who seemed to have noticed. Personally I think it was the priest in all his hot robes that accidentally knocked it, and not the squirming of our little angel that caused it to fall. Anyway, Niko got his blessing, the priest joked about Niko having more hair on the head than him, and the day went on.

Might I add that prior to the baptism, Gramma had given Niko a tiny golden cross pin to adorn his shirt collar. A nice little addition to his outfit, but on the way up to the font we noticed it had turned upside-down. Upside-down cross? Fallen angel? Hotter than he**? Hmm…

At least now the Lord`s blessing is upon our little man, and despite all that happened that day he is blossoming into a lovely angel of a child. At least that`s the story I`m going with today.

2 Responses to "Onward to the Baptism"

I still loved that day. It was so fun. Audra:)

Audra!!! So good to see you on here. Thanks for taking a look and thanks for the comment. I hope your first week back at school is treating you well. xx AA

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