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And Now I’m One

Posted on: September 19, 2010

As I mentioned before, Little Niko celebrated his first full journey around the sun this past week, and last weekend he had a birthday party. I was torn about what sort of cake to make and had been inspired by my friend’s sister-in-law’s monkey cake, but when I looked at the cake molds at Bulk Barn I was too overwhelmed by all the icing that would lie ahead if I chose that route. In the end I took a version of my mom’s suggestion and baked a cake, iced it, added sprinkles, plastic farm animals, a single candle, and *voila* birthday cake numero uno was complete.

On Niko’s big day we celebrated with friends and family and when it came time for the singing Niko showed signs of worry as he seemed to wonder why everyone was singing and looking at him. His eyes welled up, although he didn’t cry, just maintained a concerned look right up until he sunk his tiny hand into the sprinkly icy rectangle that was placed in front of him. Basically he had no clue what was going on, but seemed to enjoy getting a handful of icing. At one point during the festivities we tried to organize a kid shot – the oldest being almost three and the youngest just six months. It was a challenge to get everyone sitting and looking at the camera, but we did get a few somewhat passable versions. Actually they quite clearly document the reality of the moment. Capturing eight little monkeys in one picture is no easy task.


3 Responses to "And Now I’m One"

It looks like every thing went well!
I keep trying to decide between making my own cake (a half moon for our Goodnight Moon theme ((& just know that I am *no* baker!)) or paying a crap ton to have one made. Hmmm..?

[…] Each year I like to get a pic of Niko and his buds at his party. Click here to see the year one rendition, which definitely shows how much easier it is to get two year olds to sit still for a photo, than […]

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