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SAHM I Am (Not)

Posted on: September 7, 2010

SAHM I am, (not anymore). If you’re another bloggy mommy reading this post you’ll know exactly what I’m writing about when I reference SAHM, and if you’re just some random person, friend or family member you may be wondering WTH? (And for that matter now may be wondering about WTH, too?) Well, even the bloggy mommy’s might not be familiar with that one. Basically it’s my G Rated version of the more profane MSN lingo – buy my WTH simply means “what the heck”. And SAHM? Stay at Home Mom.

So yes, WTH!  I was officially back to work last week, and my maternity vacation leave with Niko officially ended. How, I wonder? How did this happen? Well, that’s life for you. One day simply falls after another and before you know it a whole year has gone by and here I am back to battling rush hour and trying to get to work on time. Back to primping myself in the early morning: goodbye, lazy pajama mornings, au revoir bloggy mornings, and adios to my constant one on one time with the little monkey that has grown closer and closer to my heart by the day hour minute  – aka Niko. *Sniff sniff.*

Alas, such is life. And really we are SO lucky in Canada to have a whole year off, to bond and ease ourselves into this crazy world of parenting. I mean my sister-in-law had to go back to work after only three months, and that was longer than most people get in the States.  Usually it’s something like six weeks or basically the time it takes to blink in that first rush of bringing home the new baby.  So, I’m not complaining. I know I’ve been very lucky to have shared all this time with my little tyke. So lucky. So many memories. Wow, what a great year it’s been. And now, a new chapter begins. Niko’s new life in daycare. My life as a WOTHM: but there has to be a better acronym than that.  Yes, now I’m a working outside the house mom, not just a working mom (WM), because isn’t that what I’ve been doing all of last year anyway? Yup, now I’m a mom that faces the traffic, packs her babe up in the morning and rushes out the door to the real world, or at least the world that is my current reality.

7 Responses to "SAHM I Am (Not)"

“Three years of a child in the house!!”
This password should be written on the banner which carries the mother
Three months ..?! It is inhuman…:(

It really is difficult moments..Alli…:(
cuddling you

thanks for your kinds words…day by day…I guess you could say I’m getting back into this routine….

I had no idea you got a full year of maternity leave in Canada! Here’s it’s typically 6-12 weeks.

As crazing as my kids drive me, I’m glad I don’t have to go back to work.

Hugs to you as you adjust to this new phase of life.

I know I know we’re lucky here with the mat. leave. I never knew until my sister in law moved to the States that there was such a discrepancy in the mat. leaves between the two countries….

And you get to stay home? good for you … and all that time for blogging…… 😛 bcs i’m sure you kids don’t keep you busy at all right… 😉

Hi! I’m a fellow mommy blogger in the States and I must say I’m envious of the year mommies get in Canada! I will be going on maternity leave soon and probably only taking 8 weeks off before returning to work.

Good luck with your return!

Thank you for the well wishes. Back to work is OK, but I iss my little guy.

Enjoy your time off with your little one – i wonder why there’s such a difference between the mat. leaves in Can and US? Hmmm…doesn’t seem fair really. I didn’t even know about the differences until recently..anyway, good luck with the new baby! 🙂

[…] and brain power: neither of which I have  much of an extra supply of these days.  Yah, this whole “working full time outside of the house” gig sure is cutting into my blogging time. Geesh. Anyway, below are a few links to some of the […]

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