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Daily Dance Party

Posted on: September 5, 2010

As it turns out, our little guy loves to dance, and has taken to showing off his three signature dance moves any chance he gets, which is basically any time he hears music coming from the radio or TV. (Yes, he even grooves to commercials.) When he hears music from the radio, he crawls up to the chest it’s sitting on, stands up, braces himself with one hand, all the while increasing the volume with the other, and just boogies down, with a huge grin to boot.

His three signature moves consist of the following:

  • bouncing up and down (anywhere from bouncing just an inch or two, to crouching all the way down and standing back up) with alternating speeds
  • swiveling his head (and not necessarily in time to the music) from side to side, turning it a complete 180 degrees, at times super quickly and at times taking a more leisurely approach
  • standing in spot with one foot, while tapping the other foot back and forth between the centre and side.

What a little dance machine. And like I said, as of last week this has become a daily occurrence. Maybe it’s a reflection of all the dancing I’ve done with him since he was born. You know, when you hear a song on the radio that you can’t help but groove too? Well he’s been my constant dance partner since last September and now he seems to have developed his own style and some dancing independence.

Dance on little one, dance on.

1 Response to "Daily Dance Party"

Awwww… I think your little Niko would make a great dance partner for my little Kyra (almost 1 year). She does the exact same dance moves! Once she even did a true booty shake where she bent over and touched the floor, then bounced that booty!

I never tire of watching her (or 3.5 year old) dance. Even if I’m having One of Those Days Where I Think I’m Insane For Having Two Kids, the dancing will always bring a smile to face, it’s so powerful.

Her favorite music is a Finnish symphonic power metal band called Nightwish (her daddy found it on Pandora) and the Chuggington cartoon music. 🙂 My son loved Dream On by Aerosmith and Rock You Like A Hurricane at this age.

In between dance breaks, she’s started climbing. While dodging tackles from her brother.

Never a dull moment. 🙂 Feel free to check out our tales too.

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