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A Belated Father’s Day Gift

Posted on: August 31, 2010

This year was Borys’ first Father’s Day. For a few weeks beforehand I was really trying to think of something special to commemorate it. I wanted to do something for him that would be memorable and meaningful. Not necessarily a material gift, but maybe. So I thought and thought and thought. I asked Niko: “What do you want to do for Daddy for Father’s Day”? But he only replied with silence and the occasional, “Da duu da daa”, not really giving me much to go with.

Finally, after much thought I came up with an idea that Borys had been mentioning for quite some time. He wanted to memorialize Niko’s hand prints and footprints. You know the ones you see for sale in the store, the Plaster of Paris versions, or clay versions, or paint versions? Anyway, by the time Father’s Day rolled around I loved the idea, but wasn’t sure about the medium I wanted to use. I really wanted it to look good and didn’t want to do a rush jobbie.

So, Father’s Day came and went, with just a card and a promise, that his “gift” was coming. At last, a mere two months after the actual day, I figured out how I wanted to do the project. Armed with a matted frame, some black lettered stickers, and a painted piece of blue paper, Niko and I were ready to take the next step. I painted Niko’s feet and hands black and away we went making the prints. But, somehow this was easier in my vision than in reality. Even though we practiced the prints on scrap paper a few times, it was difficult to get them to come out smudge free. Oh well, as Daddy said: “It looks alive!”, and he loved it. So I’ll just go with that philosophy: “Yes, our little monkey really made his painting come alive”! (Good Daddy.)

6 Responses to "A Belated Father’s Day Gift"

Wonderful idea. It is a material trace on paper … and spiritual, in the heart…hmm..:)

It IS hard! I ended up getting 3 plaster kits and 1 ink kit for my baby shower and we failed on all 3 of the plasters… I thought it would be sooo easy- and the ink- we just barely made it look good!

I know!!! HOw do they make it look so easy??? At least you ended up with one, and a good memory to go along with it….

You did a great job!!

merci beaucoup! soon you’ll be seeing it for real. xx

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