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Half-Polish Cousins in the House

Posted on: July 26, 2010

Last weekend we took a family road trip to Toronto to meet up with Ciocia Ola, Uncle Bruce and to finally meet Little Emi. They were all in town for Bruce’s sister’s wedding.  So we trekked down on Thursday night and spent the whole day with them on Friday as well as a good portion of Sunday, before we drove back to Ottawa.

And didn’t Niko and Emi become fast friends. They started speaking in Polish the minute they saw each other and overall got on quite famously. Or maybe they were just cooing in baby-speak, either way I couldn’t understand a word of it. Anyway, it was great to see them all, and have the whole family together. Emi even celebrated by completely pooping all over her clothes and her mommy shortly before we left (or is that the reason we left?).

Note Picture Titles: 1) Daddy’s Shoulder 2) First Encounter 3) Proud Dziadzio 4) Strollin’

5 Responses to "Half-Polish Cousins in the House"

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Emi just read this blog entry and she wanted to post a reply to her cux:

Lalalala cooooooooo rooooooo phhhhh

Niko says: Daduuuuuu Da Deeeee Da Daaaaaa

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