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The End of An Era

Posted on: May 16, 2010

Times they are a changin’…

After countless get togethers, pizza lunches, walks, telephone counseling sessions, laughs, swim lessons, and milestones, we have come the end of an era. That’s right. My friend Traci, who’s been off on mat. leave with me, is going back to work tomorrow and her (not so) Little Eli is turning one in just a couple of weeks! Wow!

I used to be awestruck at the size of Eli: he’s three months older than Niko and in the life of a baby this makes a huge difference. But this week, as we had our last official mat. leave outing together (at least for this round of mat. leave), Traci and I were both surprised to see that Niko and Eli are almost the same size now! Amazing (to us), but not entirely surprising seeing as growth is the natural progression of life.

Note: Click the following links to see how much Niko and Eli have changed over the past few months: Beautiful November, Niko and Friends, The Nap Pack, His First Report Card.

5 Responses to "The End of An Era"

😦 As a new mum at the start of my maternity leave this brings a tear to my eye, to think that one day it will have to end. Reminds me to enjoy every moment of my home time with my buba.

It’s a great time! Enjoy all the moments…you’ve got a whole mat. leave ahead of you! How exciting – but it does go fast…

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