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My Baby’s Channeling Sting

Posted on: May 7, 2010

I’ll won’t try not to take it personally. I mean it’s not like I spend all day with the kid seven days a week, or anything. No, why would his first word be “ma”? There’s no reason for it to be “ma”. I just have to accept the fact that it’s “da da”. Actually it’s more like “da” on repeat, so technically does that even count as a word? Daddy sure thinks it does…  But maybe, just maybe Niko’s a natural born Police fan and simply trying to hone his karaoke prowess by singing along with Sting: “Da da da da, is all I want to say to you…” Yah, that seems to make more sense. My baby’s brilliant and channeling Sting: that’s perfectly sensical, right?

Note: On occasion he’s started to say “mum” too. He’ll do a never ending string of “da”, and then throw in a short and curt “mum”, followed up by “da”on repeat. Lovely.

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7 Responses to "My Baby’s Channeling Sting"

[…] witness to, but will write about anyway seeing as Borys claims it’s true, is that Niko said “Dah-dee” a.k.a. “Daddy”! Hmm…I am not too sure about that […]

Happy Ma ma Mothers Day !! 🙂 Have a great one !! I’m sure he appreciates it !!

[…] now that Niko’s eight months old, what can he do? Roll over like crazy, clap his hands, keep “da da” on repeat and of course he crawls deeper and deeper into our hearts with each passing […]

[…] or “dada”? When will he say it? You get the idea. We discovered earlier on that Niko’s first word was “Dada”, but I reckon that’s only because Daddy repeatedly says “Dada” to our little […]

[…] is when our little man will start talking. As of now, he’s got a few sounds on the go (dada, mama, fafa, vava, ado, adi (Is that Alli?), etc.), but so far no real words, or at least it […]

[…] to do for Daddy for Father’s Day”? But he only replied with silence and the occasional, “Da duu da daa”, not really giving me much to go […]

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