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Mistress of the Laundry

Posted on: April 23, 2010

You know I think I could quit my job and become a professional laundress! The only glitch is that I’m on mat. leave – so quitting my job’s not an option. What I really mean is I’m doing a tonne of laundry these days. I am even contemplating changing my name to Lana the Laundry Lady. It has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

And this is with only one kid?! Wow! I do about a load a day, and then there’s the drying, and hanging (well for some of my items) and folding and putting away. It’s like I’m on the continuous rinse cycle. Just when I think, “Ah I’ve caught up!”, a quick glance at the laundry basket shows me it is once again overflowing. How does that saying go? My cup runneth over?  Well, in my case it’s not my cup, but my laundry basket. Although, now that I think of it, if my cup was runnething over, that would probably only serve to help matters. I’m just not sure how much laundry would actually get done…

As I continue in my daily laundry routine, I find myself reflecting on my own mother (Hi, Mom! :)) . I don’t think I ever did a load of laundry until I went to university. Yes, you read that correctly. It was my mama doing laundry for the whole family – all six of us. I don’t think I even folded it or anything. Looking back, I’m not sure how she did that: including making dinner, keeping the house spic and span (although I do recall doing my fair share of dusting), and working full time. She’s a single handed superwoman if I ever did see one! Kudos Ma, kudos.

As for my laundry adventures – it’s just mine and Niko’s on the list (although from time to time Borys does wash a few of Niko’s items). After living with Borys for a short time, I bought him his own laundry basket and said something like, “Go to it!”, and haven’t looked back since. Yes, Borys does his own laundry. I mean we both work full time, so why the heck not? But, when we first moved in together I did for some reason start doing his laundry. That probably lasted all of about two months or less before I sent him on his way, brand new laundry basket in hand. And now, as I look at his ever growing mountain of laundry I’m glad I’m not the one responsible for tackling it. As for Niko, seeing as he’s only seven months old, he’s a little young to learn the ropes, but give it time and he will, oh he will!

6 Responses to "Mistress of the Laundry"

Interesting thoughts on the laundry and household chores…the list goes on and on…you will work out a system….maybe those baby clothes can be worn twice (if not covered in rice cereal!!)

I think part of it has to do with the cloth diapering – bcs that’s at least one load every other day. But I still find it amazing how those pint sized clothes can just fill up an empty laundry basket! And of course he wears things twice (or more) if he can – but solids are messy!!!! So, usually there is at least some part of the clothing that has crusted cereal, sqaush, goo, etc………

Welcome to my life!!!LOL – 2 kids – 1 husband – 2 pets = endless laundry. I was actually living in my laundry room all weekend long and finally we bit the bullet 4 weeks ago and bought a EXTRA LARGE washer and dryer (energy efficient – of course!) and my life has changed. I HAVE FREE TIME!!!!! YES!!! What is that? What am I going to do with all this extra time! Spend it with the kids of course!

free time! Wow – I like the idea of a bigger washer – we are on the market for a new house, so maybe that will be an option for our next place – energy efficient of course!

A date with the laundry all weekend – you might be more than a mistress to the laundry……..

🙂 Thanks for the comment D!

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