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Vaseline Performs Miracles

Posted on: April 17, 2010

I’m amazed at the healing capabilities of Vaseline. My little guy has been suffering (well not really suffering, he doesn’t even seem to notice) from dry patches of skin in the crooks of his ankles and wrists. For about a week, I tried massaging cream into the little creases on a daily basis and the dryness only seemed to get worse. So I resorted to Vaseline. I know it’s greasy and I know it’s messy, but I’d heard that it was a great moisturizer. So I lathered his little ankles with the goo and presto (after a few days and multiple applications each day), the dry skin was gone.

So, once I got beyond the grease and the mess of it all, I discovered that Vaseline really is a great moisturizer. I just kept him in sleepers so he I wasn’t be bothered by the greasy goop that lied beneath. Seeing as the Vaseline trick worked so well on his ankles, I decided to take aim it his pointer finger as well. You know, the one that he uses as a soother? And the moisturizer worked its magic once again: no more flakes, goodbye dryness, hello (semi) normal looking finger. Semi-normal, only because he continues to pacify himself with it on a regular basis.


5 Responses to "Vaseline Performs Miracles"

Hmm. Never tried Vaseline… good to know it worked. I’ve also heard that olive oil and grapeseed oil are good too.

Olive and and grapeseed – good to know good to know. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the comment! Cheers.

hi allie — i have been away from your glorious stories for some time now … time to catch up!
i will let you know that susanna used vaseline on sofie’s eczema patches (recommeded to her) and my Dr. also recommended it as the number one choice as well!
good thinking to try it!

from now on you can refer to me as Dr. A, k? 🙂

[…] Niko was going into somewhat of a panicked state. At last I had the idea to grease up his leg with the miraculous powers of Vaseline! Once he was greased up, and after a little pushing, that baby knee slipped back through the rungs! […]

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