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Baby Tooth Fairy

Posted on: March 21, 2010

The rivers of drool (I think Niko went through at least five bibs yesterday) that have been flowing from our little guy’s mouth seem to have amounted to something in the overnight. As far as I can tell, the baby tooth fairy came for a visit.

While Niko was chomping on my finger this morning I sensed something other than the usual smooth gum line: a ridge, a peek, something jagged, not the usual. But do you think I can get a look at what’s there? Not a chance. Every time I try to see, Niko moves his head or tongue around so it becomes impossible, but I can feel it. I am just not sure if the white tip has poked it’s way through or if it is just getting ready to do so. Either way, we’ve entered a whole new world here, and there’s no going back. I guess it’s time to get Niko a toothbrush.

10 Responses to "Baby Tooth Fairy"

Yay Niko!! Congrats on the first tooth! Such a big boy now. That drool had to lead to something.

actually since i wrote this post, i did catch a glimpse of the little white ridgy tips – it is a tooth, it is a tooth – i am surprised by how excited i am about this!

niko, your aunt marion will confirm this, I still drool over food, when sleeping, it may never go away. nice to hear of your new tusk. we can make a bbq steak date. i am available.

uncle jp

dear uncle Jp,
thanks for the message. i wouldn’t quite call my tooth a tusk just yet – more like a – well i can’t think what it is more like – but it is only about 2 mm high so far 🙂 i look fwd to our steak date. hope your arm is on the mend, xx Niko

I knew that tooth was coming…just a matter of when! There will be more to follow very soon….along with the drooling.

when i can get a clear pic – i will fwd one to you, xx

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