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Tiny Fingers, Tinier Nails

Posted on: March 19, 2010

Parenting is sort of like a live and learn experience, with (sorry Niko, but it’s true) Niko as my guinea pig. Lucky for Niko (and me), the more time that passes, the more I learn and the more confident I become.

Changing diapers? No sweat!

Feeding the baby? Piece of cake.

Keeping him clean? We do our best… 🙂

Clipping his fingernails? The bane of my existence!

OK, a slight exaggeration, but seriously it’s a challenge! And at least a once a week challenge at that – his little nails just seem to grow so quickly. The challenge comes from the fact that his nails are so tiny, and his hand is so wiggly. It can make for a dangerous combo. and unfortunately has on a few occasions. But now that he’s hit the six month mark I’ve actually noticed a change in the size of his fingers and nails, (the slightly bigger size) making it easier to complete the baby manicure.

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6 Responses to "Tiny Fingers, Tinier Nails"

I agree with you, cutting a baby’s nails is really tricky! We used to wait until they grew a bit, but one day he scratched his face really bad and now he has a scar. It’s horrible! Now we try to cut them weekly and it has gotten better over time. I usually cut the nails on one hand one day and the nails on the other hand the next day. It seems to work best for us!

Oh my gosh, a scar from his nails! Geesh. Well, I believe it! They’re like little daggers sometimes. I too have used the one hand one day, and one hand the next day method – but sometimes I get on a roll and just go for all ten in one shot… 🙂

Hey Alli – try cutting his nails when he is asleep – that worked for me when the kids were babies.

Hey Jill…Thanks for the tip. Yes, to clip them while they sleep. Seems like a good pointer, but actually remembering to do it at that time proves challenging for me.

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