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At Long Last: Date Night!

Posted on: March 10, 2010

We’re having a what? A date! A what? A date night!

Oh yeah, I think I remember what those are, but it’s a been a while. It’s all coming back to me now. Yes, a date. One of those things where Borys and I go out together, just the two of us, where we do something fun, like eating out or going to the movies, where we have some time together, alone, sans baby, sans poodle. Yes a date. I remember what those are, and they’re a good thing! It’s all about balance, right?

Gramma’s in town and that means Borys and I can head out on the town. Well, if you count eating out at a nearby restaurant and then going to Chapters, as “going out on the town”, then yes, going out on the town is what we are doing. Borys and I have only had one date since the birth of our lovely little baby boy (and that was also courtesy of Gramma’s babysitting service), so this night has been a long time coming. Just think about how many dates we could go on if she actually lived in Ottawa… But then again, maybe that’s why she doesn’t. 🙂

8 Responses to "At Long Last: Date Night!"

Have fun on your date night and enjoy it!
I try to tell my sister and brother to do the same thing but they do not see why. They said they might as well take the children with them since the conversation end up being about the children, lol. To each their own.

Go and light up the town…have a blast!

Well, I think balance is key here and some solid one on one adult conversation seems to be tipping the scales in the right direction! Even if we do talk about our baby, at least it won’t be in baby talk 🙂

Thanks for your message! Cheers, A

[…] is another key: although we don’t have much time for dating (truth be told, we’ve only had one real date since Niko’s arrival), just hanging around together and talking and laughing about our day, […]

Thanks for reminding me what a date is!! 😉
We also don’t have family where we live so we haven’t really been on a date yet. It would be nice, though.
I hope you enjoyed it!

Date night, it was great. Although tricky to do when you don’t have too many options for babysitters. We have discussed with some friends of ours who also have a little one, about swapping once a month, so that each of us can have monthly date nights. Talked about it, but haven’t done it yet…maybe we should though, because it was great to get out, just the two of us!

[…] I think she felt bad that Niko was in intensive care, or maybe she just didn’t get enough “Grandma time” in, but she also came back for another whole week, and is here with me right now: cleaning and […]

[…] Comment! Well, Niko (and I) were completely spoiled yesterday! What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon and evening.  My friends organized a shower for him and held it at a local hotel.  Of course Niko was the charmer of the party, being the only male, and was passed from arm to arm, impressing everyone with his alert eyes, and stylish clothes (thanks Gramma!). […]

[…] date! I’ve mentioned before, that since the birth of our lovely little Niko Borys and I have only had two dates! Yes, two dates. Not a lot for eight months, but I guess this is somewhat to be expected when […]

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