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Nikoloneum: A New Discovery

Posted on: March 5, 2010

What do you get when you cross a science major, a baby, and a toy that looks like a nucleus? Nikoloneum, of course!

My friend Mel came to town this week and we had a great visit with her for three days. One morning as I was busy in the other room, she stood by on baby duty, entertaining the little Niko Man on the couch. Only half paying attention to what was transpiring on my couch, I clearly heard Mel, in her best baby voice, saying, “…and inside the nucleus are neutrons, protons and electrons”. The rest of our cross-condo conversation went something like this…

Mel – …and inside the nucleus are neutrons, protons and electrons.

Me – Mel, I can hear you, you know! What the heck are you talking about?

Mel – It’s Niko’s first science lesson! We’ve discovered a new element: Nikoloneum.

Me – I guess his toy does sort of look like a nucleus.

Mel – I told him maybe he could have a particle collider for Christmas.

Me – If he wakes up tomorrow morning and asks for a particle collider I will be equally impressed and disgusted.

Niko – Where’s my particle collider?

Notes: Pic 1) The Discovery of Nikoloneum, Pic 2) Niko’s First Science Lesson, Pic 3) Out and About with Mel, Heather, Lena and Frasier


2 Responses to "Nikoloneum: A New Discovery"

I love the shades. Looking good Niko!

It’s all about the styles really, right? 😉
They’re Baby Banz and he tolerates them pretty well…and it was hilarious the first time he put them on, he was looking around and turning his head from side to side ike crazy, trying to figure out this new and darker world…

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