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The Balance Keys

Posted on: February 25, 2010

Balance is the key, right? It’s the key to maintaining harmony at home and work, and between home and work, but sometimes finding that key can be challenging! I mean I’ve got a car key, a house key, a bike key, a second set of keys, a key to my father-in-law’s, plus there’s the key to my heart… However, if I keep my sense of humour, and enjoy the everyday moments, finding balance becomes easier!

Currently I am enjoying being a first-time mom and getting to know my son, Niko. I try to maintain balance in my life, although inevitably the scales tip more heavily on one side from time to time. Finding time for myself is one key: I do cardio-kickboxing twice a week, while my hubbie Borys stands by on Daddy duty. Spending time with Borys, is another key: although we don’t have much time for dating (truth be told, we’ve only had one real date since Niko’s arrival), just hanging around together and talking and laughing about our day, provides quality connection time. Another key is getting out and about with baby Niko: I have some friends who are also on mat. leave, and getting our babes together offers entertainment, for everybody. Then there’s our spunky puppy Frasier, who provides lots of fun and laughs, and a good excuse to get us all outside enjoying the fresh air!

Is there a magic key to balance? Not really. Balance is a ring filled with keys, and each person’s key ring is different: what works for me, may be bunk for another and vice versa. But one thing’s for sure, life’s more enjoyable when we try (yes, we have to try, balance doesn’t just spontaneously happen) to maintain balance each and every day! So, what’s one of your keys?

Note: This post is an entry into “Mabel’s Labels BlogHer ‘10 Contest“.

16 Responses to "The Balance Keys"

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You are sooooooo right! We could all use a “balance” key to set us right when we are a little heavy on one side. Thanks for this post Alli. Your insites on life are inspiring 🙂

Hey Susan, thanks for checking it out and for the positive feedback!

such true sentiments Allie! And you are one of the best people I know at mastering this balancing act! 🙂

You’re not so bad your self there little lady – miss jet setter 🙂

What a well written entry, Allie! Little Niko is soooo lucky!!

Awwwwwwww….thanks Sue! xx

I am so impressed with how much you do in a week! I can barely balance what’s going on now, and I haven’t even had the baby yet! I need to edit my key ring. xoxo

Thanks Nat – keeping active is definitely on my ring. Once your baby comes you’ll be a natural – and by then some things (like work – at least working for a paid job…) will already be edited out for you. 🙂

Allison, you amaze me with the number of projetcs always on your plate. You achieve so much and you do it with a big smile. It’s nice to see. Love you.

wowza, thanks babe

You definitely seem to look like you are the RINGMASTER! I am motivated by your ability to take care of yourself and baby N!


Reading your blogs are inspirational. Where you find the ideas,the humor,the time to write makes me think you are SUPERMOM and SUPERWIFE! You make me laugh out loud when I read your blogs! Keep it up . Love the funny cartoons too!

well, awww shucks,…thanks mom!
I’m glad to know you enjoy the posts, and really, I have fun writing them too…maybe I’ll print them out one day into a family memoir of sorts…

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