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Daddy Daycare

Posted on: February 14, 2010

They survived! Yes, left to their own devices, with Daddy in charge, my three boys – Frasier included – successfully survived over 24 hours without Mommy.  Yup, that’s right! Mommy had a girls night out in Montreal for Susan’s bachelorette, and according to our calculations it was my first time away from Niko for more than three hours since he had come home from the hospital! Anyway, it was a great excuse to party and away we went, while the boyz stayed home.

And how did it all turn out, you may wonder? Great! And to add to the greatness – Niko had his longest stretch of sleep ever: going from 9 pm to 6 am! Hmm…with that sort of magic touch, maybe Daddy should be in charge more often… (And it’s not because Borys didn’t hear him waking up. No that would have been impossible considering that Daddy decided to sleep in the spare bed in Niko’s room so that he would be sure to hear him when he woke up, as I assured him before I left that he would have to be doing some middle of the night feedings. But alas, this was not the case and little Niko had his sweetest dreams ever!)

About a half hour before I was leaving I plunked Niko down with Daddy on the couch so I could get some of my stuff together. A few minutes later I look over to see Niko and Daddy cuddled comfortably: Niko looking on and Daddy looking at his iPod?! In my head I was thinking, “So this is how it’s going to go!” But then I justified the iPod by reminding myself that I go on the internet when I’ve got Niko all day, so I guess Daddy’s entitled to his techy device too.  Then a few minutes later, Borys turns off his iPod, looks over to me and says, “I now know what to do for baby cpr?” “That’s what you were looking at?”, I reply. “Yup!” Oy – now I feel a little guilty, but happy to know that our boy is in even safer hands!

Anyway, their day went great and so did my night! It was well worth it for all of us! Of course, I was sure to take a few (or maybe a lot…) of pics of Niko and Borys before I left so that I could see them in the camera when I wanted a peek. (Sort of like when I was in the hospital after having a c-section and Niko was in the NICU, and all I had was a baby in a camera, while my roommate had her living, breathing, crying baby right there, only a few metres away! But that’s another story…) Overall, it was a success all around and Susan seemed to have a great night whooping it up before she gets hitched next month!

And this weekend just goes to show: anything’s possible with enough planning and a freezer full of pumped milk.

11 Responses to "Daddy Daycare"

Errrert….errrert….errrert….errert…..errrert….this is the sound of Ali pumping-it-up at 3am. Oh, how I missed that this morning! Thanks for a FANTASTIC night out in MTL…you are the BEST!

Be honest – sleeping through the night is better than waking up to the sound of a breast pump…! Ha. So glad you had a good time, xx

So many comments….

1) Borys looks hilarious. Track pants…. check. Blue Man zip up…. check. iPod…. check. Baby under arm…. check.

2) A straight 9 hour sleep??? WOW! HOLY! AWESOME!

3) Is Susan Suzie?

I love the comments!
and in reply 1) tee hee 🙂
2) Sweetness…and the same last night too!
3) Susan and Susie are different people.

Oh and I forgot the most important…. 4)

Niko looks so different! He’s like a whole new baby. I can’t get over how much he has changed in the short while since I was in Ottawa. He’s so handsome!!!!

4) Yes he does look a lot diff. every day he seems to be getting more hair, and his face is changing too! I must agree…what a little cutie!

Glad you got away! I am going for a much needed girls weekend this week… Can’t wait to sleep, and eat, and drink, and sleep, and talk, and sleep!

It’s great to have a break and refuel the engine, so to speak: and even more reassuring to know that Niko was in good hands while I went away. Have fun on your weekend – hope you get lots of rest!!!

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