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It’s Winterlude, Baby

Posted on: February 13, 2010

And with a simple toe pique on the baby stroller brake we were off, skating smoothly along on the freshly groomed Rideau Canal ice: Niko, Lena, Heather and I, and Niko getting his first official taste of Ottawa’s Winterlude festival.

Well, simple to press the stroller break and start rolling, but the whole process of getting baby N from our condo to the Rideau Canal was, simply put, the opposite of simple! Let’s see… What was accomplished before that final toe pique?  Niko was fed, I made sure he had a clean diaper, he was adequately bundled for winter, then tears and all, was strapped into his car seat, then into the car, we drove across town (which by this time, and in part due to the magic effect of the car, Niko was asleep), we parked at Dows Lake, heaved the stroller out of the trunk, got myself dressed for winter, clicked the car seat into the stroller, got the diaper bag? check, strapped it over one shoulder, and my ice skates over another, then proceeded to stroll across a busy intersection, met up with Heather and Lena, then, our entourage complete, strolled into the winter hut, got the skates on, and phewf we were SIMPLY off! Yay, it’s a bit of a process – and not really a simple one! – but well worth it! We skated about 4 km in all and then Heather and I treated ourselves to beer and nachos at Mexicali Rosa’s while our babies were TKO! Yes, believe it or not, they both slept the whole time we were in the restaurant! But we weren’t surprised by their excellent behaviour, I mean we do have the sweetest of little angels, right!?

And no wipeouts! Just one close call, that’s all!

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Hi Aunt Allie, I read “Missing Shoe and Baby Wipeout on Rideau Canal” Actully I didn’t read it but today Mom and Grandad were telling me that Mom was pushing on my baby storller and then the stroller tiped with ‘ME IN IT’ (I wasn;t hurt though) And Mom and your yourself lost your shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then you couln’t find it again!!!!!!!!!

By Audra

Hi Otter, no you would not remember that day, but that was quite the site to see the stroller tipped like that! Good thing you mom had her diaper bag and was able to spare one for my footwear on the way home…hahahaha. And good thing I didn’t tip the stroller when we went out on the ice a few days ago! xx AA

hey there sister .. super stylin’ on the Rideau … it looks cold out there … brrrrrrrrr.

it WAS freakin’ cold that day! but like uncle JP says: gotta get the little guy used to his elements!

So many memories just filled my head. Beer and nachos at Mexis… mmmmmm. Yum!
What was the name of the resto next door ;-)? HAHA

Lookin’ stylin’ mama! Both of you look hot!
Are you sporting Ray Bans these days? Only cool people wear those! HA!

ha…funny that you mention that memory, bcs I was trying to tell Heather all about it, but I don’t think the retelling does it justice, ya know! That other restaurant is Malone’s.

And yes, those are Ray Bans – authentic a la Ebay – ???

and yes you are cool too! 🙂


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