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You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Posted on: February 10, 2010

Using my point and shoot digital camera, we have been taking video clips of Niko since he was born This week I finally got around to editing some of the clips together into short movies. When I actually got down to business I realized I had more clips than I thought, and the first movie I made is about 15 minutes and documents his stint in the NICU when he was first born. When I uploaded it to You Tube I had to divide it into two parts – seeing as it was too long, but if you do take a look I would recommend watching both parts consecutively as they really do go together.

Watching the clips and making the video has brought back a lot of memories: it has been fun, although a touch emotional. Niko’s come such a long way: from a preemie living in the hospital to a thriving baby keeping us on our toes at home!

THE VIDEOS (click the links below)



NOTE: If you look at the home page of this blog, you will notice that I have added another page called Niko Videos, along the top tool bar. I plan to edit all the remaining clips into movies and when they are completed and uploaded to You Tube, I will post them there.

12 Responses to "You’ve Come a Long Way Baby"

[…] (not so little anymore) Niko is healthy and growing. Even though he was born a month early, and hooked up to machines and monitors for the first two weeks of his life, you would never know that by looking at him. He certainly has grown into a strong and healthy […]

[…] (our breech baby) is born via c-section exactly four weeks before his due date and ends up in the NICU for 13 days.  My mom comes to help out with the new baby for three weeks, and it is wonderful to […]

[…] it donned on me, seeing as Niko’s a mid-September baby and he spent the first two weeks of his life in the NICU he has never experienced natural Summer heat on his face or felt the joys that warm winds and […]

[…] the birth of our son Niko (last September) I have been thinking about getting professional pictures taken of him, but […]

[…] I mean we had intended to be ready, but only by the due date which was October 13th. Some people say the 13th is an unlucky day, so maybe it’s better off this way anyway. Regardless, we were having all new hardwood floors put in, in hopes that they would be installed before the birth of our son! Surprise surprise, you can’t always plan the birthday of your child! Needless to say we are so happy to have him, despite the early challenges of him being in intensive care for two weeks. […]

[…] In the last couple of weeks Borys and I have noticed big changes in our little guy. I mean he’s growing all the time, but we really noticed and both made comments specifically […]

[…] and I wonder how he ever fit into them! Considering the fact that he has more than doubled in size since he was born, I guess this makes sense, but wow a few months really do make a huge difference in the life of a […]

[…] – otherwise how would they have discovered our little guy needed to spend some time in the NICU. But Niko did receive his first official non-medical evaluation yesterday, when he completed his […]

[…] life? Feeding him meat! Actually, it was probably the first two weeks of his life when he did his time on the inside (otherwise known as the NICU), but second to that – it’s currently happening and it has […]

[…] and family coming in for visits to meet her little baby, I had my Baby in a Camera. Niko was in the NICU and unable to leave, and the only way I could physically see him was if I trekked on down to the […]

[…] my chagrin, the comments kept coming in. Chagrin only because I carried this little babe for nine (well, eight), months and I’m the one who popped him out of my belly (hello C-section). I mean I must be […]

[…] on this particular day, Niko’s birthday, I couldn’t help but think about how exactly one year before I had gone in to labour, ended up with a C-section and Little Niko had been born pretty much right […]

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