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Longer Days, Longer Walks

Posted on: February 6, 2010

Hello winter solstice!

Well, I know it’s been a while since the solstice occurred, but we are finally starting to reap the benefits: and by we I mean, Niko, Frasier and I, but mostly Frasier! We have had a few warmer (and by warmer I mean -4 to -12 degrees) days this week, which means I can actually bundle up baby N and take him out and about in his stroller, with Frasier tagging along. For the last two days we have gone for two 45 minutes walks. I used to find it pretty challenging to walk with both of them at the same time, until I discovered that the best way to walk Frasier is to tie his leash around my waist, which leaves both of my hands free for the stroller.  I can only imagine what my entourage and I must look like coming down the sidewalk!

In the past, when I had the leash wrapped around one hand and both hands on the stroller, I came in to a few, let’s just say tricky, situations: if Frasier ever decided to give a good pull – hello stroller wheelie! Yes, that move forced Niko to become an extreme strollerist, at the tender age of just a few months, cruising along on just two wheels! Anyway, the longer days and warmer temps are proving great for all of us – Niko gets fresh air, Frasier exerts some of his endless energy, and I get to do both!

Note: Check out the carseat cover, sans dancing ballerina bears.

6 Responses to "Longer Days, Longer Walks"

Great photo.
Perhaps you need to get a nice heavy leather belt with a carabiner on it, to tie Frasier to you and still leave your hand free. I think that I saw lots of carabines at your palce , last visit!

MacGyver strikes again……… 🙂

Good idea though!

it is a great photo … I am picturing the wheeley fom over here and the image of the tree of you walking with Frasier on his leash. Maybe time for Aunt Carolyn to come and teach Frasier a new trick? ie. heel? you say the lay down lesson from last summer is still fresh in his mind …

hope he can wait til fall … my next likely visit home.

xx your big sis.

You know, for a while there I was teaching Frasier a lot of tricks – crawl, stay, “find Alli”, etc…but none of these seem to be too helpful when out and about on the streets!

He’s looking forward to his next lesson from Aunt Carolyn!


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