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He Found his Fingers

Posted on: January 22, 2010

“Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp…”, is the sound of one happy little man who recently discovered his fingers and has taken to using them as a pacifier.

It’s amazing what constitutes as a “milestone”. Well, actually I don’t really know what the “typical” milestones are, seeing as my professional reading on parenting has been limited to date, but when Niko does something new I put it into this category. So, the fact that his fingers have found their way to his mouth and he is constantly sucking on them and his fists, fits in nicely, according to me! Sometimes when I go see him in his crib after a nap or in the morning, and after I’ve heard the first inklings of his cry, I will find him happily lying there on his back with his eyes closed and just sucking away, and it’s really cute to see!

Note: The two pictures below are titled, 1) The Happy Little Sucker 2) Rock on, Sucka!

3 Responses to "He Found his Fingers"

rock on, sucka …. that pic reminds me of pics of you as a baby — the exact posed finger position and suck! ask mom. looks like you alli!
i do recall as an older sister of 5 or 6 and seeing you do that pose while resting your index finger right up that nostril … i really do remember these visuals and it happened alot with you. marion xox

har har har … oh the memories…

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