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I’m Not That Kind of Housewife

Posted on: January 17, 2010

The other day I was walking Frasier out back in the field behind my house.  It’s a great place to bring him because there are a handful of other dog owners that also bring their pooches, and if they’re there when I go it gives Frasier a chance to run around with them and burn his banked up energy (although that’s one bank that never seems to be empty). Over the last several months since we have had Frasier, I have gotten to know a few of the dog owners and will often end up chatting with them while our dogs romp around.

On one particular day last week I got to talking with this girl Julie, and we were discussing maternity leave and I was saying how I loved it and that ideally I would love to stay off and be home with Niko and any other babes that may come along in the future.  She agreed, and although she doesn’t have any kids yet, said that she too would love to be a stay-at-home mom and raise her family when that day comes.  She went on to say: “I mean, I would be at home and keep the house clean and make dinner every day.” Make dinner every day?, I thought. Hmm… To which I replied, “Well, yah, staying home is great, but personally, I’m not the dinner-making kind of housewife.” To which we both had a few chuckles.

But this led me to wonder, then what kind of stay-at-home-mom am I?  Well in the year 2010 I find myself to be the kind that, loves spending time with my son Niko, the kind that tries to stimulate him on a daily basis, the kind that changes about seven diapers a day – not to mention single-handedly doing all the laundering that goes along with cloth diapering, the kind that gets up patiently one, two or three times every night to feed him, the kind that keeps the bathrooms clean, the kind that loves my husband and our son (but just doesn’t always prepare dinner for the former of the two…), the kind that has maintained being in a book club and going to cardio-kickboxing classes despite having become a mom, and the kind that documents our family’s adventures in my blog. I guess the old adage rings true: to each his own! And for our family, this is what’s working right now.


The Yummy Mummy Club

As posted on their website:

“Yummy is a state of mind.

A true Yummy Mummy struggles to find the impossible balance between the [woman] she used to be, the woman she’s become, the professional she works hard to be, the wife she aspires to be and the mother she [is].

Forget CEO. THIS is the toughest job in the world. Why didn’t anyone warn us? Can you relate?

Then Welcome to the Yummy Mummy Club….So, what’s this club thing all about?  It’s a place where you can celebrate and commiserate the rollercoaster ride of modern mummydom, win great prizes, find books to stimulate your brain and read eclectic and cheeky articles written for and by other yummy mummies…because mummy needs to play too.  We’re unabashedly un-exclusive”

10 Responses to "I’m Not That Kind of Housewife"

Two things (besides being a SAHM) for which I bow to you – cardio-kickboxing and cloth diapering. Most impressive!!

I actually heard myself saying in my head the other day, “I’ll start working out again when I’m done having kids.” The scary thing was I thought it was totally rational!

I love a book club – I have a wine club (although the same commitment is required)

I always love when I hear women who are not mothers yet say they can’t wait to be SAHMs – I was one of them. BTW – I count mac & cheese (from the box) as cooking dinner that night!

hi and thanks for visiting and leaving the positive comments! It’s good to know I am not alone in the cooking dept. 🙂 … being a mom is sort of like a great balancing act … and it’s hard to find time for everything.

PS – isn’t a book club just a wine club in disguise…? Cheers, A

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