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Exersauce the Days Away

Posted on: January 16, 2010

Yesterday Niko was  invited out on a play date to Baby Emilia’s house, where he was surrounded by four lovely ladies: three other babies and one toddler. When he got there he was happy to see so many new and exciting toys and especially happy to discover the amazing exersaucer!  So much so that when we got home and told Daddy about it, he ran out and bought one for Niko! Now Niko can happily “exersauce” the days away, bouncing about while discovering all the fun toys that are right at his fingertips. I think Dziadzio put it well when he first saw Niko’s new toy: “Oh my, what a stuff! In my age we got a little spade and a little pail and GO! That’s it.”

And as always there are things that we as new parents learn as we go along: playing in the exersaucer was no exception. Parent lesson learned post exersaucer purchase? Don’t put him in it right after eating, as the follow up was A LOT of spit up! Oh, well, he was entitled seeing as it is was his four month birthday! xx Niko, we are so happy that you have joined our family!

Note: Pictures #1) Niko and gal pals Blair, Emilia and Nola. #2) Daddy gave this one the title: Just Another Day at the Office.

5 Responses to "Exersauce the Days Away"

hi – i cannot remember the age exactly but it is close — i think my kids first went in the door frame jolly jumper (which i don’t think i gave you) around 4-5 months… you should see them propel themselves with their own leg strength. and yes, the exersaucer is great, and also the bumbo chair.

marion xo

I keep trying out the Bumbo and he can now sit in it for a while on his own, but sometimes his neck seems to get stuck in that looking up position…if you know what I mean! Anyway, we’re having fun! xx

Alli this is an awesome blog, It’s cool u have the time to post, because it is awesome to catch up on your fam thru your blogging. It’s like I’m a part of the action. You’re really good @ it !

PS: good title Borys 😉 Very fitting

Hi Greg and thanks for the positive feedback! You are a part of the action! This blog definitely makes sharing pics and milestones with long distance family (which all of you are) a little bit easier!

[…] Stuff. Simply put our condo has been invaded by what were previously foreign entities to us: an exersaucer, a bouncy chair, teensy-tiny little clothes, a pack-n-play, a Bumbo, and the list could go on and […]

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