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4 Month Old vs. Karate Bear

Posted on: January 15, 2010

Niko is exactly 4 months old today! It’s sort of hard to believe and I feel a bit sad that I am already through 1/3 of my maternity leave, but such is life: time just keeps marching on, I guess. On the eve of his four month birthday Niko finally slept alone for the first time. That’s right! Even though Borys had been adamant that he sleep in the same room with us for 6 months, due to Borys’ concerns about SIDS, last night Daddy figured it was finally OK to let him sleep on his own. And what a great night! Niko slept from 11 to 5:30am, and didn’t wake again until 9:30. It’s not like he does this every night, but when he does and I see the time on the clock after I hear his cries, I have a mini celebration for the hours that he slept.

On Halloween, Niko wore a build-a-bear karate outfit, and now each month on the 15th, I take a picture of him beside the bear, whose outfit he actually wore.  The plan is to get a progression of photos throughout the first year of his life, documenting his growth in comparison to the karate build-a-bear.

Note: This is part of a series of blog entries that were inspired when Niko wore the bear’s mini karate gi as a Halloween costume. Since then I have used the bear and the costume to document his growth at three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and now eleven months.

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3 Responses to "4 Month Old vs. Karate Bear"

I get such a lift when I read your blog…probably because you are my dtg and Niko is my grandson! There are so many funny things you say and do! Great pics.Next month Niko is going to roll over and start wrestling with that bear!!

Glad to hear you are a constant reader and supporter Mom! It inspires me to keep going…sort of like how Julie made it through a year’s worth of recipes….now where are my pearls… ?:)

[…] costume. Since then I have used the bear and the costume to document his growth at three months, four months and now five […]

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