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My Aching Back

Posted on: January 11, 2010

Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed a significant increase in Niko’s weight.  We don’t have a scale at our house, but I can just feel and see the difference: which leads me to the dilemna of my aching back! What I’m wondering is, is there an artform to picking up baby N from his crib or pack-n-play? I mean I know the old saying goes: bend at the knees and lift with the knees, but try as I may to follow those instructions, my back seems to be suffering. And when I think about the physics of it, it is sort of an awkward thing to be picking up a 15-20lbish weight (namely, Niko) from inside of something (namely his crib and pack-n-play) and bringing him to an upright position, say over my shoulder or something like that. So, what I am looking for is tips for lifting! Is there such a thing? My back seems to be getting progressively worse, and as I type this I can just hear the first inklings of my baby’s cry and know that I have to go pick him up out of this awkward position. And while I am looking forward to having him in my arms, the getting him there is what’s getting to me!

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well … very true. it is extremely hard to pick a weight up and out of an enclosure – esp when you cannot get your feet/knees under the frame. you need to lower the side rail down on the one side to make this easier for you. i know that one side slides up and down from experience!!!

a few tips: get as close to the object as you can (decrease your ‘lever arm’), keep it close when you get it, when you squat to pick something up think about it as if you were going to sit on the toilet (feet shld width apart, don’t let your knees come over top of our toes, keep your bottom out and back – think about getting your bottom to the back of the toilet seat and /or think about tipping your ‘dog tail’ toward the ceiling gently), angle/flex at your hips rather than your back, keep your back curves while flexing at the hips.

i wish i could draw you a diagram!

also, we spend so much of our day flexed forward (rocking the baby, doing dishes, picking things up, vacuuming) that we need to reverse that effect on our spine by doing some ‘extensions’ after a period of flexed activities. ie. do standing back arches with hands at low back for support or lie on your stomach on the bed and prop yourself up on your forearms for awhile.

also … you may wish to contract your ‘lower abs’ concurrently WHILE lifting and exhaling! these muscles are small and you may just wish to think about GENTLY pulling each pelvic bone in the front towards one another in the centre OR think about GENTLY tucking in and up with the belly button!


give that a try.

marion xo

Wow, Mar, thanks for the detailed and helpful info! I am going to have to start changing an entrance fee to this particular blog entry, considering all the valuable advice you have just given! xx

All I know is I (and all my new mother Mississauga friends) didn’t need massage therapy until they had babes. Now I HAVE to go every month.

Well, it must be nice to have all those massages! Although, the reason for getting them is not so fun…Check out my sister’s advice up above…those tips helped me!

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