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In da Crib

Posted on: January 9, 2010

Occasionally, when channel surfing, I land on a show called Cribs, and can’t help but watch – it’s sort of one of my favourite shows when nothing else is on. If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s basically a bit of escapist TV (although what TV show isn’t?) where celebrities showcase their million dollar mansions, aka cribs. Anyway, yesterday Niko moved into a crib of his own! Now, it may not be decked out as fancy as what you would see on the show, in part due to the restrictions of safety guidelines that encourage you not to put any decor in the crib, but nonetheless this crib has now become his permanent bed!  Borys is still concerned about SIDS, so he slept in the spare bed in the same room as Niko, while I tried using the baby monitor from our regular room.  The baby monitor seemed to work out just fine, and as soon as I heard little Niko’s beckoning cries – hello 4:30 and 8:30am – I went to see him.

Note: In the picture below you can see Niko “enjoying” his new crib?

4 Responses to "In da Crib"

Nice pic of little Niko in his new bed.
The cartoon has a nice mobile over the childs head, go out and buy 3 C cells and power up the nice one that I saw on Niko’s crib earlier this year.

love dad

Hi Dad.
Mobile in place and powered up? Check.
Does it play music? Check.
Does it spin likes it’s supposed to? Seems to be a glitch here…

[…] him up and lie him down.  At some point – sooner than later – we want to move Niko into his crib.  But before we do that, buying a crib mattress is sort of imperative! Also, we still like him […]

[…] as he’s still in his crib, he’s pretty well confined until we rescue him and begin the day. Not that he has to be in […]

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