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Tree Trimming Time

Posted on: December 18, 2009

It smells delicious in our house, and it’s definitely not the scent of my Christmas baking, because as of yet that is pretty much an undeveloped skill of mine. So no, it’s not baking, but there is another deliciously Christmasy smell and that is the scent of pine wafting throughout the house! All day yesterday, Niko was looking forward to decorating his first Christmas tree.  We had big plans to get it all up and ready before Ciocia Ola arrived from Florida tonight.

After Borys got home from work, he and his dad went out to get the tree and what they came home with was a frozen and snow-covered conifer. It has been a while since we decorated a real tree and I guess we sort of overlooked the fact that these puppies need time to thaw as they are all just waiting outside, exposed to the frigid elements, before they are adopted as someone’s Christmas tree. So, we have had to postpone our little decorating party, but perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, because now Ola can also be a part of the fun, and participate in Niko’s first ever Christmas tree experience! So, tonight we will all look forward to “rockin’ around the Christmas tree!”

Note: Frasier sure is curious about this tree: I just hope he doesn’t confuse it for an outside tree and decide to mark his territory! But, seeing as he is a male dog that has yet to lift his leg to pee, we should be in the clear.

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[…] out decorating the tree with a two year old proved a little more challenging than expected. Don’t get me wrong, Niko had a great time! But you know, I had this vision for the […]

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