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Burping Conundrum

Posted on: December 10, 2009

Why is it we spend the first year or so of our baby’s life wanting him to burp and teaching him to burp, and then end up discouraging this very behaviour for the rest of it? This is what I consider to be the burping conundrum. As it stands right now, Niko’s burps are like music to my ears. After he eats I usually pat and rub his little back and wait for the burp to tell me he won’t have gas festering, so that I know his tummy is settled.

The verb “burping” comes to mind when you hear those little lungs wailing. Parents may wonder: Maybe the baby needs to burp? Should I try burping the baby? Then, probably after that first year (and I am just guessing on the timing for this, seeing as I am a first time parent), this behaviour is no longer considered socially acceptable. You might here parents say such things as: Don’t burp at the table! Burping is rude! and so on.

What I’m wondering is: if babies need to burp to feel better, couldn’t this ring true for the rest of the human population? I think maybe that country where burping after a meal is a sign of respect for the chef, may have the right idea!

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[…] pouring in. As a newborn he really didn’t need them: we used receiving blankets for post feed burping and drooling was non-existent. But now, now I see the beauty in having a lot of […]

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