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Stork Bite

Posted on: December 4, 2009

I think most of us have heard of a “stork bite”, right? Well, Borys didn’t know what it was, so I guess there are probably others that don’t know either.  Actually over the years I have come to realize that there are a few common English terms and pop-culture references (ie: The Brady Bunch) that Borys is not familiar with, but he comes by it honestly seeing as he spent a large portion of his childhood in Poland, speaking Polish, and English is his third language! But back to the stork bite: from what I know, a stork bite is a red mark – looks like a birthmark – at the back of some babies’ necks, and Niko has one.  Doesn’t the story go, that when the stork was carrying the baby to his parents, he pinched him on the back of the neck with his beak, or something like that? You can only see Niko’s if you are looking for it, as it is hidden by his cute mullet-like hair, but it is there and becomes more pronounced when he is upset.  Actually, not only does that one become redder with his mood, but so does another one that is hidden higher up on the back of his head.

I remember when I was a teenager, my mom always warned me not to shave my head, as she said it was covered in red birthmarks just like an Easter egg.  This was a bit of a deterrent, not that the urge to shave my head was a super strong one, but I did (and still do) contemplate it from time to time.  I always wondered if this was something that my mom had made up to scare me away from cutting off my locks, but now that I see the stork bites on my little one, I am not so sure!


3 Responses to "Stork Bite"

sorri, me spik no so good inglish

Hmm! I do knoe the red marks you speak of…but on you Allie! i am not sure I remember your “red bites”…maybe you dreamed that part! LOL


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