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Tired Much?

Posted on: November 18, 2009

There are many signs of being overtired, for both adults and babies.  In no particular order, crying, rubbing one’s eyes, yawning, and restlessness, are just a few of those signs, and the list could go on and on.  Last night I discovered another way of telling if someone (namely me) is overtired.  As I have mentioned before, Niko is on an on demand feeding schedule.  His usual routine is to wake up once in the night for a feeding and then he sleeps again until somewhere between 6 and 8am. Last night he awoke, on schedule at around 3am, and this is when I discovered yet another way of telling when someone is overtired.  I found myself arguing with myself (yes, with myself!), in my head at 3am.  The conversation (can you even call it a conversation, if it is just between your tired self and your rational self?) went something like this:

Tired Me/Rational Me: Niko’s crying, and it’s 3am; he must be hungry.

Rational Me: Get up and feed the baby.

Tired Me: I already fed the baby!

Rational Me: The baby is crying; get up and feed the baby.

Tired Me: I already fed the baby!

Rational Me: No, you did not feed the baby yet, otherwise he would not be crying!

Tired Me: Yes, I fed him, and I’m going back to sleep! … But why is he still crying?

Tired Me/Rational Me: Oh, the baby is crying which means he has not eaten and must be hungry. I have to get up and feed him.  Am I having an argument with myself in my head? This would make for an interesting blog entry.

After this little ditty with myself, I proceeded to get out of bed and tend to the needs of my hungry baby. Lucky for Niko the rational side won out.  Although, I am sure if his crying would have persisted this would have snapped me out of my reverie like state, a state in which it seemed perfectly normal to be arguing with myself ! In conclusion, I think arguing with oneself at 3am is a sign of someone who might just be a touch overtired! That said, I took the advice of many today, and napped when Niko napped and really didn’t get out bed for good, until 11am: oh, sweet, sweet sleep!

8 Responses to "Tired Much?"

I remember when breastfeeding Malcolm I used to dream I was feeding him – wake up and feed him – fall asleep and dream about feeding him. I couldn’t tell dream from reality – it was brutal. The second baby I got so good at feeding I barely woke up while doing it even though her room is down the hall!

Ha. So you (along with countless other parents I am sure) know exactly what I am talking about! It’s a whole other weird world in the middle of night…

i too agree with all these comments and have to say sometimes my only saving grace was that i would think ‘there have to be countless other mom’s in brantford doing this very thing every 2 hours tonight’! … and then i would look out my window onto the street and see NOT a single light on !
with baby 1 i used to sleepwalk to her bedroom to feed her and doze and kink my neck in the rocking chair and then burp her. with baby 2 i decided to bring her into bed with me but was consciously nursing and then placed her back in the crib as i burped her and with baby 3 i just let him be part of the ‘family’ bed and was unconsciously aware at times thru the night of a feeding baby … but never fully awakened!
moms just know how to make the most of their sleep or lack of it and they do what is necessary at that time.

Too funny Marion – I am a big believer in “safety in numbers”, but for you not to see a single light on! How disheartening…hahahahha. So, when I look out my window for the saving grace of another light…and don’t see any…I will take comfort knowing that both of you have been there, done that and survivied! 🙂

Gee, I can’t wait.

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