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Baby Feet

Posted on: November 16, 2009

There is something about Niko’s tiny little baby feet that really impresses me.  I can’t help but touch their silky smooth skin and kiss their tiny soles.  They are so soft and I love the way they feel when I touch them.  I often wonder where his tiny little feet will take him in life. Where will they travel? What bridges will they cross?  Whose lives will he walk into (and out of)? So many adventures lie ahead, so many steps to be taken and all the pathways yet to be decided.

I came across this poem, by Edgar Allan Guest, and I like this particular segment (although I changed all the shes to hes, and hers to his’ and hims):

It is morning and he lies
Uttering his happy cries,
While his little hands reach out
For the feet that fly about.
Then I go to him and blow
Laughter out of every toe;
Hold him high and let him place
Tiny footprints on my face.

Little feet that do not know
Where the winding roadways go…

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2 Responses to "Baby Feet"

That’s deep sis ! I too, wonder .. . Cool pics ! What a cool lookin lil guy. We’ll have to have some skype time again soon


Greg! You made it to my blog, all the way from France! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Some days I am more inspired than others, but I think this will make for a cool keepsake as time goes on. See ya on Skype soon! xo

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