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Salt ‘N’ Pepa Please

Posted on: November 11, 2009

For years the lyrics to Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s song Push It have spontaneously and sporadically been running through my head. Salt N Pepa I will be sitting in my car or walking down the street and bust into: “Yo yo yo, yo baby pop, hey you come here give me a kiss, better make it fast, or else I’m gonna get…” and so on.  Now, I am far from a rapper (although I do love a good karaoke session), but for whatever reason these lyrics have stuck with me since I heard them back in middle school.  So much so, that yesterday morning I couldn’t help but start singing them to Niko: to the tune of “Oh baby, baby – ooh baby baby, oh baby baby, ooh baby baby. Yo yo yo, yo baby pop, hey you come here give me a kiss…” etc.

When I started rapping out this tune, I got an unexpected surprise from my baby boy: a huge grin.  It seems he was impressed by my impeccable recall of these outdated lyrics. A few hours later I tried the song again, and again a huge smile.  When Borys got home from work I told him about my Salt ‘N’ Pepa discovery and we rapped it out to him together, and sure enough were rewarded with that big smile of his! I can only imagine what must be going through Niko’s head, seeing his parents gazing down at him, only about a foot from his face, and letting loose our funky rhythms. Once again this morning, we busted out our rap skillz and Niko was entertained.  It seems he genuinely likes the throwback to this mid-to-late 80s hip hop group.

Note1: Curious about the song Push It? Check it out by clicking here.

Note 2: This is Niko’s first smile that we were able to catch on camera.

Niko Laugh 1

Niko Laugh

6 Responses to "Salt ‘N’ Pepa Please"

Niko is so CUTE!How alert he is. Your tune is a far cry from my tune of Rock a bye Baby! I really enjoy your blog . How is the gas doing?
Love Mom

Ha! Oh mom…too funny, I’ve got a few of the classics in my repertoire as well: You are my Sunshine, Skin-a-Marinky, Go to Sleep, Mama’s Gonna Buy you a Mockingbird, Adelweiss (well we can thank the Morris’ for that one, as that is what the little bunny plays, and it usually gets me going… 🙂

The gas is much better since I stopped eating copious amounts of chili! I really think there was correlation there. Thanks for checking in on my blog. xo

hahah niice rappin mamma !

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