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Got (Spicy) Milk?

Posted on: November 9, 2009

Over the past few days Niko has been fussing quite a bit when he eats.  By fussing I mean, he will eat for a few minutes and then haul off and shriek for a few seconds and then happily go back to downing his dinner. We were planning to enter a chili competition onChili the weekend, but due to a cold that was going around we decided not to bring the little guy.  That said, we were left with a lot of chili to eat on our own, and the chili was pretty spicy.

This leads me to my question of the day.  I love chili and ate a bunch of it, and we still have a lot left over.  But, is it possible that the cayenne pepper has infiltrated the breast milk and is causing my little guy to squirm? Do his shrieks in English mean: “Whoa Mama, that’s a spicy breast milk! Hold off on the cayenne please!”. Or, could it be that the kidney beans are causing excessive gas and thus leading to the fussiness? I guess I can’t know for sure, but one thing I can do is refrain from eating any more chili and see if my little guy will just chill.

Milestones: Yesterday Niko sucked his thumb for the first time, at least the first time that I have noticed.  It was so cute: that tiny little thumb.

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4 Responses to "Got (Spicy) Milk?"

sounds like gas to me … john russell had terrible cramps and we used to have to bend him into a 90 degree position at his hips and then pump his legs / cycle his legs / bring his knees to his chest to relieve the gas and help it pass — he definitely did not like that but if persisting, we could usually get him to toot! (or while nursing you could hold him in a tight fetal position with knees to chest and hope to hear something!

thanks for the tips mar. xo

Hi Allison:

Definitely, you will notice that while breast feeding, you will have to keep on eye on some foods that will not agree with Niko. All children are different and for me it was raw onions.

When Niko gets crampy, just try to notice what foods you ate during that day and/or the day before that was new. That will help in determining what can cause his little stomach to cramp. :0)

Hope this helps and give the little guy a big kiss for me.


Hey Sylvie, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. I really think it WAS the chili as he is no longer crampy like that, and I am no longer eating chili. He is enjoying all his little outfits from you guys (actually some are getting tight now…) 🙂

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