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Rogers on Demand Inspires Feeding on Demand

Posted on: November 6, 2009

As I have mentioned before, being on maternity allows me the opportunity to indulge my addictive personality in the form of getting hooked on many new TV shows.  We upgraded our cable to Rogers on Demand which affords me, the viewer, the ability to watch (and become addicted to) many shows according to when it suits my schedule.  Since right now my schedule involves breastfeeding around the clock, Rogers on Demand has become my new BFF (best friend forever).  That said, this has inspired me to try Feeding on Demand; I jest, this is not the reason I am trying feeding on demand, I just liked the segue it provided.

Note: I just learned how to spell segue. I had tried “segway”, but it came up as a typo. Just another example of how easy the English language is to learn.

So, today is the first day that Niko and I are experimenting with feeding on demand.  When Niko was first born my lactation consultant told me to get eight feeds in a day; the only way this was feasible was by waking him up every two to three hours.  All in all, I liked waking him up as I could control the schedule, and knew exactly when he was going to eat.  Upon graduating from lactation school the consultant sent us on our merry way and told us we were ready for feeding on demand – which basically means I would feed him when he wakes up on his own; that is, when he wakes up crying it means it’s time for him to eat. This was just over four weeks ago.  Although she, and the public health nurse both told me to go for it, I have stuck with waking him up every two to three hours to ensure he is getting his eight feeds in and continues to gain weight.  However, over the last few days I have noticed that he is not as hungry when I wake him up.

We already do feeding on demand in the night and he usually goes to bed around midnight then wakes on his own at 3 or 4 am and then again sometime between 7 and 8 am.  This said, today we are trying feeding on demand during my waking hours.  As time ticks by, I wonder…when is this little munchkin going to wake up? His last feeding was at 7:30 am and it is currently 11:15: tick tock, tick tock, and I wait… If he doesn’t wake up by 11:30, I am going to go in there and pinch him or something. Well that might be a little cruel, but I think I will wake him and feed him.  Does that still count as feeding on demand? Probably not.


8 Responses to "Rogers on Demand Inspires Feeding on Demand"

so…. did you wake the little fuzzy wuzzy guy or did he wake before 11:30???
how often is he waking to be fed now?

i woke the little fuzzy wuzzy after 4 hours, at 11 30. then he ate and we took frasier for a long walk. When we got home he woke on his own at 2 15pm and was hungry. So…like i said, I will just monitor the demand today and see how it goes! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love getting your comments! xx

ps. how much does niko weigh? he’s 7 weeks now, correct?

I don’t know how much he weighs. All the weigh in clinics are closed as the nurses have been reassigned to give h1n1 vaccines. I thought about bringing him the dr. to check his weight, but we don’t want to bring him into the clinic where there is potentially so many germs lingering around just waiting to attack. So, our next scheduled apt. is on the 19th…I guess we will find out then, unless I can think of some other way to get his weight… And yes…7 weeks old right now. 🙂

I am reading your daily blogs Alli and actually printed off all of them for Grandmother when i was in Hfx. I am amazed at all the things you are able to write about. Love mom

Mom, I am glad to hear you are reading the blogs. So far I have been inspired to do one a day, and plan to keep up with it. That’s cool that Grandmother got to see them too! xx

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